About Bernard's work: wall drawings

The Procession

Above, Bernard Riley’s 64-foot mural drawing, the Procession, 1968.

In 1965 Riley moved his studio from a cramped basement to a 20x30 foot, naturally-lit building he constructed in the backyard of his Fairfield, Connecticut home. The new space allowed him to fulfill his dream of creating large canvasses.


He created several large wall drawings and in 1974 was asked to show one at Silvermine Guild of Artists in New Caanan, Connecticut. A reviewer of that show reported:


Bernard Riley’s 64-foot drawing-mural peopled with exquisitely-drawn figures will be installed at Silvermine Guild of Artists in one of the most beautiful and certainly the most original show of Silvermine’s exhibition year. The figures which emerge from his inner vision are poignantly gentle and fairly medieval in feeling. By far the most dominant and fascinating aspect of the Riley work is his use of the multiple image.

The Bird Sellers

Above, the artist at work on The Bird Sellers, 1974.