About Bernard's work: first mural

mural at Fairfield University in Connecticut

Above, the mural at Fairfield University in Connecticut, pieced together in this image from a series of photos provided by Bernard's friend, Alan Chalk.

Bernard's urge to paint on a grand scale was fulfilled in 1959 when the Jesuits of Fairfield University in Fairfield Connecticut commissioned him to design and paint an 8x25 foot detailed narrative mural recording the life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, who lived from 1568 to 1591. Gonzaga was the son of the prince of the Holy Roman Empire and is now know as the patron saint of youth. Riley spent months studying Gonzaga’s life, then told a story high-lighting segments of the Saint’s life, starting as a child of high birth, ending as a young man tending those dying from an epidemic which he, himself, succumbed to. The mural can still be seen at the Fairfield campus.