About Bernard's work

Bernard “Bud” Riley lived his entire life in and around Bridgeport, Connecticut.

As an artist he was largely self-taught and spent 40 years working in a factory to support his family. Despite these drawbacks, he successfully attained a substantial degree of local fame, displaying his work in collections at the Metropolitan and Corcoran Museums, as well as in private collections throughout the country. This web site was designed by his son, John Riley, and is dedicated to his memory. Additionally, many of the photos and much of the content found here is the result of the hard work of Bernard's friend Alan Chalk, whose support is gratefully acknowledged.

NEW: by the Fairfield Sun (CT) – Bernard Riley: Rediscovering local artist on 100th anniversary of his birth

Featured work

Riley was fascinated with the lives of the saints, especially that of St. Francis of Assisi.

As a result, he painted over 20 small 8x10 inch portraits of saints, and a much large painting of "St. Francis and the Woman Possessed by the Devil."

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